It gives a look of classical elegance wherever it is used and comes in a variety of colors to match almost any design. Besides its natural beauty, it is also a durable stone that stays naturally cool. Which is ideal for baking areas, mainly surfaces for preparing dough and pastries. Marble is a beautiful stone that exemplifies the beauty of nature. With its beautiful veining and designs, it is sure to capture attention in any application. A durable, well-designed countertop that will last a long time with proper maintenance, marble is a superb choice. It is a very hard, robust stone. Wiping a marble countertop with a dank cloth will keep it clean. With Blinds and shutters Houston, you can have your marble professionally polished, or you can leave new marks to add to the stone’s natural layer. Marble, with its wonderfully exclusive patterns and colors, promise to provide any space unrivaled style.

From floors to walls, structural columns, and stairways, designers, engineers, architectures, and contractors recommend marble. It’s durable, strong, and fire-resistant recalls its value and has long-term beauty. Marble is the classic and the perfect choice for new construction or renovation projects. If you’re looking for marbles for an elegant and classy look then Blinds and shutters provide you the best marble you need for your commercial building and remodeling solution. We will be happy to show you our marble slabs and tile and explore the limitless possibilities. Marble increases home value and naturally cool and heat controller. We stock the highest quality marble from multiple countries, this confirms we have the material our customers need to complete any residential or commercial project.

Marbles Care Tips

  • However, care must be taken to avoid etching from long contact with acids and staining from strong colors, such as red wines.
    Do not use an acid cleaner.
  • Clean your marble floors with a highly diluted mixture of ammonia and water.
  • To keep your counters in good condition, we recommend doing a quick and easy resealing process several times throughout the year.

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