The most distinctive characteristics of the plantation in Houston’s shutters include the permanent frame around the window, and the shutter panel itself has moveable louvers inside 4 stationary sides. These solid louvers are controlled by a tilt rod—a vertical pole that moves all the louvers when you move the pole—and provide you with privacy, light, and temperature control, all the while adding a modern touch to the room.

With large adjustable louvers and sturdy material, plantation shutters combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. Their look is enhanced with a wide variety of paints and stains available.

The delicate slats of blinds are a hassle to dust. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, are easy to clean. Every 3-4 weeks, dust the louvers from top to bottom. And wipe away any smudges with a damp rag. Cleaning plantation shutters is as simple and fast as it sounds.

Blinds are made for one window shape: Rectangle. But everyone knows that some of your favorite windows in your house are not rectangular. They might be in the shape of a circle, an octagon, a triangle. Or the window might even be on a door. That’s where plantation shutters come in.

Our local professionals measure every angle, corner, and an inch of your window so that we can craft your plantation shutters specifically for it. Now you can finally have a window covering that doesn’t sacrifice the shape of the window you love.

Next time you see a plantation shutter and want to call it a plantation blind, remember these distinct differences. They are what make a shutter the window treatment you want on your windows for years to come. facilitate to the customer for many ways like:

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