Plantation Shutters have been most favorite of homeowners and commercial customers for years. They give a look that will never go out of style because of their classic look and strength. Shutters are the perfect option for any room and are available in a variety of colors, stains, and textures. Plantation shutters typically have wider louvers than standard shutters and rods to open and close them. Plantation shutters are easy to care for and can be less expensive than other custom apparel.

Cost-Effective Plantation Shutters In Houston

Normally, the fair price ranges from $15 to $25 per square foot for plantation shutters. Plantation shutter costs depend on the primary size and secondarily on the window treatment installation and material. These classic window coverings come in different styles and designs. They are cost-effective and require very low maintenance. The most popular color is white, but stained shutters have their followers, too. For more pricing information, please contact us through THIS form or call us at (281) 932-1238

Plantation Shutters Materials And Their Advantages

There are three main types of plantation shutters which are vinyl shutters, wooden plantation blinds, and composite plantation window shutters.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

They are the most cost-effective plantation blinds. These are preferred for large and wide windows. They have aluminum or PVC support for better constancy. They are long-lasting and very easy to maintain. These are best for high weather and are water-resistant.

Vinyl blinds are usually classified into 5 more different categories. They include hollow shutters, structured hollow shutters, solid shutters, solid aluminum vinyl shutters, and vinyl-clad wood shutters.

Hollow shutters:

These shutters are also known as hollow vinyl window frames. They are very light in weight because of the hollow structure and very economical as compared to other vinyl plantation shutters. They enjoy the same benefits as vinyl, but due to the hollow frame not being able to support the weight of larger structures, they have size limitations.

Structured hollow shutters:

They are the advanced version of the conformist hollow shutters. They have high structural integrity in comparison to hollow vinyl. These shutters give your window better support also.

Solid shutter:

It is one of the most dependent and popular types of vinyl plantation shutters. As the name implies, this vinyl frame has a solid structure. If you are looking for a durable and cost-effective vinyl shutter then this one is the ideal choice for you.

Solid aluminum vinyl shutter:

Like structured hollow blinds, the solid aluminum vinyl shutter is the advanced version of a solid shutter. This vinyl shutter is made of aluminum. The aluminum provides better metal support.

Vinyl-clad wooden shutter:

This window blind has become famous because of its durability and high strength. In this shutter, a wooden frame is generally wrapped in vinyl. It is highly moisture resistant. So many people use it in those areas where moisture exists.

Wooden Plantation Shutters:

These window coverings are made of wood. Basswood is normally used to make these window shutters. They come in different sizes and shapes. You can order the design of your choice. If you want fashionable and light window shutters, then these are the best options for you.

Composite Plantation Window Shutters

Composite plantation shutters are also known as faux wood shutters. They are generally made of medium-thickness fiberboards or MDFs. MDF is one kind of engineered wood that is wrapped in PVC or vinyl coating. These shutters are extremely strong and powerful. They are high clamminess and weather resistant.

Most of the composite plantation shutters are designed with a patented spring-loaded panel design and a classic tilt bar with “no mouse holes”. This allows each louver to close tighter and reduce any light gaps for added light control and privacy. So, these shutters are affordable, beautiful, and very long-lasting. Whether you select vinyl, wood, or composite, these unique window coverings can definitely add an extra layer of beauty to your house. Plantation shutters are a beautiful, affordable window treatment; whether you choose vinyl, composite, or wood, these classic coverings will add style to your home for years to come. We provide plantation shutters in custom paint that are flawlessly finished.

Why Choose Our Composite Plantation Shutters In Houston

Our composite plantation shutters in Houston, TX are available in an extensive selection of standard paint or stain colors, with the additional option of custom color-matching to the paint or stain color of your window trim, cabinets, or any other design elements so that your shutters blend flawlessly with your existing decor.

High-End Designer Options

Our plantation shutters are available in louver sizes of 1 7/8”, 2 ½”, 3 ½”, or 4 ½”. For a more classic visual, blinds and shutters also offer customization. From single-panel shutters to double-hung panels to bi-folding along with a track system, the options for customization are endless.

Why Do You Need Plantation Shutters?

Are you looking for a stylish and classy option that would keep light and heat out of your home or office? Now we can describe and explain to you why you need plantation shutters here are the many benefits you can realize when you add plantation shutters throughout your home and outdoor structures.

If you are interested in having new plantation shutters installed in your home, call the specialists at (281) 932-1238 in Houston!

We understand the importance of selecting the perfect window treatment for your needs and budget. That’s why we offer a variety of affordable window solutions, including a variety of interior shutters to meet your needs.

Are plantation shutters worth the money?

Many people use plantation shutters for home décor and many of us ask about whether are they worth the money. So There’s a simple answer to this question, and it’s simply ‘yes’. Shutters are more expensive than curtains or blinds but they’re a totally different proposition.

Made to measure and construct using the finest quality, long-lasting hardwood, they’re totally modified for your windows or doors. Not only that, but blinds and shutters are designed with a huge selection of styles, materials, and colors to provide to your exact needs and tastes. By being a more permanent addition to the home, shutters become a part of your interior style and can be passed on to the next population, meaning they’ve got the potential to add value to your property.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of wooden shutters in a modern home.

Longevity and durability

Plantation shutters will not fade due to old or the sun’s harmful UV rays. The materials in shutters are strong, durable, do not lose their color, and will not distort or peel. As shutters are always in fashion, you only need to have window shutters installed one time.  This will save you on the cost of purchasing new curtains or drapes every few years.

if you choose that you want to purchase new shutters, you don’t need to replace the mountings because the blades are changeable. This means you only need to buy new blades which can be done quickly and easily.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning your plantation shutters is much easy than other types of blinds. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe over the blades. There is also no need to get up on a ladder or stool to take down and then rehang drapes or curtains. For routine light dusting, you can use one of those dust trapping hand wipers. You’ll save on the cost of washing or cleaning the drapes or curtains.

Comfort Level At It`s Best

Custom made shutters are measured and constructed to fit snugly into any window frame or between outdoor support beams. There is no need for extra supporting hardware such as curtain rods, drawstrings, or valances that cover up valuable wall space. Comfortable fitting window shutters let you control how much or how little sunlight to let into your rooms. The blades can be opened a little or a lot in either upward or downward positions.

Variety of Styles

Plantation Shutters come in a variety of styles. Available styles contain coverage for entire windows, half window coverings, solid panels that open like a secret, or bi-fold panels that let you decide on how wide you want to open them. Custom made shutters can also be designed so that you can lift them up when you want to wash the windows or let in the fresh air.

Materials Available In Plantation Shutters Houston

The materials used for plantation shutters range from natural wood and aluminum to the very popular choice of PVC. PVC shutters look just like wood but offer a more cost-effective solution.

Added Security

Window shutters offer an added layer of security for your home. You can add a locking option to the shutters that will hinder entry attempts by trespassers or home invaders. This locking option may also entitle you to a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Save On Energy and temperature control

Another financial benefit to having plantation shutters is being able to save on energy bills. Shutters are a great solution for insulating your home, ventilating the room during the summer whilst keeping the sun at bay in the warmer months, and blocking cold drafts when the winter arrives. The snug-fitting skill of your shutters helps to keep the cold weather out during the winter months and to keep the sun’s heat out through the summer months. Your rooms will remain cool throughout the year.

Improve Appearance

Plantation shutters make a bigger change in the appearance of your rooms. Whether you are inside looking out or outside looking in, shutters add an impressive upgrade to the overall appearance of your home, adding warmth and charm to a home’s exterior.  

 A Touch of Elegance

Bi-Fold shutters are excellent replacements for interior or exterior doorways, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and room dividers. As an entrance-way, wood stained dressings offer a touch of old-world, simplistic elegance while blending seamlessly with your décor.

Add Value to Your Property

Once installed, shutters are classified as permanent attachments to your home. This means that there will be an added value to your property because the shutters remain with the home when you leave. The higher property estimate also converts into additional value if you ever apply for a home equity loan.

Ease Of Use

Shutters are universally easy to use, whether for small children, the disabled, or the elderly. Unlike heavy or impractically tall curtains, there’s no awkwardness involved in using shutters.

Excellent Light Control

Interior shutters do an excellent job of darkening a room. Because they are fitted into your window frames, very little light can stream in through the sides of plantation shutters. Whenever you’re interested in full lighting, you can open your interior shutters completely to allow light in through the window. This level of lighting control works well for anybody who has a child who needs a darkened room for a midday nap, or who suffers migraines, or who simply likes to keep a dark house for sleeping on the weekend.

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