If you’re looking for a very exclusive addition to the look of your kitchen or bathroom, the onyx countertop Houston installation is perfect for you. The onyx material usually forms in swirling patterns in pastel shades.

Onyx has often been mentioned along with precious gems in ancient times. Blinds and Shutters give you the best onyx tiles which can add a luminescent quality to your home. We have many unique shades of onyx-like traditional whites, along with honey and caramel. Onyx green is an attractive color that has great potential for adding a rich, lavish effect. Now you can have the luminescent quality of onyx within your home. We offer unique shades of onyx which create a dramatic effect in your home. Onyx can be used for flooring in offices, or commercial retail decoration. We offer a variety of onyx, adding natural elegance to your next construction or remodeling project. Hiring the right company to install your new, unique onyx countertops in Houston can be difficult. Here at Blinds and Shutters, we believe that a proper costing can only be given after an inspection of the area. Once an inspection is completed, we know how much materials we’re going to need and how much work there is actually going to be.

Onyx Countertops Care Tips:

The first thing to do is to make sure your Onyx is sealed at the time it is fit. This helps greatly in preventing staining, dulling, and etching.
• Regular maintenance includes wiping up spills as they occur.
• Don’t leave a spill overnight. Be careful with acidic liquids such as vinegar, wine, or fruit juice.
• Use a soft cloth with non-acidic cleaning products to remove dirt and increase the stone’s shine.
• Do not spray cleaner directly onto the countertop.
• Wipe away extra cleaner as you go.
• Use a cutting board when preparing meals on an Onyx countertop to avoid scratches.
Future you can talk to our design team to learn more about the benefits and care of Onyx countertops and slabs.

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