A company that sells blinds and shutters will have a wide assortment of window treatments that will match a variety of interior design schemes. If you are getting ready to purchase new shutters for your household, here at Blindsandshutters.us you can check how to use shutters in your home décor.

We are a specialty company that offers you a wide variety of services. Our qualified team will help you realize your dreams and also advise you even in the planning stages of your project. We will advise you throughout the entire process and keep you informed every step of the way, explaining the processes we have custom-tailored to fit your needs. This way we can find the solution that is right for you!

Get the classic look and feel of plantation shutters for your home. Blindsandshutters.us can build and install a shutter for windows of all shapes and sizes.

Some of the most affordable plantation shutters are made from vinyl. While vinyl plantation shutter will not warp and typically don’t require a finish, depending on the product you choose, there could be a synthetic look and feel to them, but the great advantage to vinyl plantation shutters is they not only are the most economical solution and they are widely available, but their color won’t fade, they are easier to clean and resist the Houston climate better than wood. However, faux wood shutters Houston sometimes don’t offer the warmth or beauty of wood plantation shutters. And if you are considering vinyl plantation shutters, remember that affordable does not always mean value.

Many consumers are often “sold” on the idea that plastic, poly, and PVC materials are somehow superior to real wood as they would never need painting, would never crack, chip, fade, and so on. They are even told that faux wood insulates better than real wood when in fact the two insulate almost identically the same. Originally, there was only one type of PVC faux wood material used in shutters. Now there are so many that it is confusing to keep up with them all. Some of the most common types are the Poly/PVC material (your best option) and then Composite MDF material (the worst option) which is comprised mostly of compressed wood and sawdust that’s been fused together with a ton of chemicals and then covered with a thin vinyl covering to help mask what’s really underneath. Interior grade MDF materials are commonly known to quickly disintegrate if they ever get wet and are also extremely heavy so they tend to have the most sagging and bowing issues. MDF composite is the one faux wood material that we will NEVER recommend for interior shutters. There are also hybrid shutters where wood and faux wood materials are mixed together and there are even vinyl and vinyl clad shutters with some being hollow, and some that are non-hollow and even some have aluminum core materials.

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